Ed Balistreri

Ed Balistreri Thoman

Edward J. Balistreri joined the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance in 2020 as the Duane Acklie Chair of International Trade and Finance and Associate Professor in the Department of Economics. His research and teaching interests include the quantitative analysis of international trade policy and climate economics. Dr. Balistreri has extensive experience in the study of international trade agreements and the distributional impacts of policy. Dr. Balistreri has ongoing projects with the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at Iowa State University and the United States Department of Agriculture.

For over two decades Dr. Balistreri has engaged in relevant policy debates as an academic, a research economist at the United States International Trade Commission, and as a consultant. This experience gives him a unique and informed perspective as both an educator and researcher. He has considerable expertise working with legal teams in the analysis of trade agreements and trade disputes. This includes a decomposition of policy impacts for all 50 US states, and with a focus on agricultural products critical to Nebraska. In addition, he has worked with researchers in the physical sciences on climate impacts and other interdisciplinary projects. Within economics Dr. Balistreri has developed methods for incorporating advanced theories of international trade in quantitative analysis and the structural estimation of parameters.

Prior to joining the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dr. Balistreri held positions at Iowa State University, the Colorado School of Mines, and the United States International Trade Commission. He was appointed as an Affiliate Scientist in the Integrated Assessment Modeling Group at the National Center for Atmospheric Research from 2012 to 2018. He also contributed, as a consultant, to a number of World Bank studies related to economic integration and development. Dr. Balistreri holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in economics from the University of Colorado-Boulder and a B.A. in economics from Arizona State University.