Welcome to the Trade Policy Toolkit, a roundup of content from the Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance. Here, you will find dialogues on numerous facets of international trade to supplement your classroom. Our podcasts and webinars can augment a required reading list, spark discussion in the classroom, or serve as an opportunity to go deeper on an issue. Whether you teach business, economics, agriculture, politics and policy, or global studies, there is something here for you to help your students examine trade’s connection to your subject area — and why it matters.

Governor Pete Ricketts talking with Director Jill O'Donnell in studio

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Trade Matters breaks down headline issues, under-told stories, and long-standing trends in international trade to make them more relatable and easier to understand. Trade happens largely out of sight; this podcast brings it into focus. Yeutter Institute Director Jill O’Donnell hosts each episode, interviewing guests to illuminate the making of trade policy and its implications. Because trade affects every sector of the economy and overlaps with other policy areas, episodes consider a wide range of topics.

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Conversational in style, our webinars feature people on the frontlines of trade policymaking, including trade negotiators and advisors fresh from the White House who can speak to shaping policy behind the scenes. Each webinar features a panel of guests who examine an issue from different perspectives.

Access our event videos and speaker biographies online at: yeutter-institute.unl.edu/past-events

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The Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln was the vision of Nebraska alumnus and former U.S. Trade Representative and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Clayton Yeutter. The Yeutter Institute connects academic disciplines related to law, policy, business, and agriculture to prepare students for leadership roles in international trade and finance, support interdisciplinary research and increase public understanding of these issues.