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Clayton Yeutter standing on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
Headshot of François-Philippe Champagne.
Swanson Auditorium, Nebraska Union & Live Stream

May 3rd | 1:00pm CT

François-Philippe Champagne

Canada’s minister of innovation, science and industry, will discuss "U.S.-Canada Trade and Geopolitics" during a fireside chat

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Trade Policy Toolkit

The Trade Policy Toolkit is a roundup of useful classroom content from our Institute. You'll find dialogues on numerous facets of international trade to supplement your classroom. Whether you teach business, economics, agriculture, politics and policy, or global studies, there is something here for you to help your students examine trade’s connection to your subject area — and why it matters.

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Making trade relatable by unpacking the new developments and long-running trends reshaping global markets.

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About the Yeutter Institute

The vision of University of Nebraska alumnus and renowned trade expert Clayton Yeutter, the Yeutter Institute connects academic disciplines related to law, business and agriculture to prepare students for leadership roles in international trade and finance, support interdisciplinary research and increase public understanding of these issues.

Historical photos courtesy of the Clayton K. Yeutter, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Papers, Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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