"The world is changing more rapidly than ever before, and you are going to have to adjust to that... if you are prepared to be broad and creative and global in your thinking, you should have a very productive and rewarding career indeed."

Clayton Yeutter, 1989

Clayton Yeutter with President George H.W. Bush

The Yeutter Institute is preparing the next generation of “broad and creative and global” thinkers through our integrated research, teaching and public engagement mission.

Inspired by our namesake’s tireless and successful pursuit of the national interest in trade and agriculture, we connect academic disciplines related to law, policy, business and agriculture to educate students for our changing world.

Your support will fund opportunities for our students to explore career paths and take unpaid internships in Washington, DC and beyond; support the creation of new curriculum on international trade; and provide resources for the institute to lead and engage on important trade issues, allowing us to extend our impact.

Giving Options

Clayton Yeutter International Trade and Finance Institute Fund

#01126990 (Endowed)

Clayton Yeutter left a tremendous amount of goodwill around the country and world, paving the way for the institute. The institute has made great strides since our inception in mid-2018, and any contribution to this fund helps provide the flexibility to allocate funds to priority areas.


Yeutter Student Scholar Award Fund

#01155670 (Expendable)

Internships can be trajectory-setting and even life changing for students, but the expense of living in high-cost cities, especially when internships are unpaid, can be a barrier for many students. This award, given in the fall each year, supports at least one university student to pursue an unpaid or modestly paid internship at a major trade-related organization.


Gifts can also be made by personal check. To do so:

  1. Make out a check to: University of Nebraska Foundation
  2. List the fund name or number in the memo line (Clayton Yeutter International Trade and Finance Institute Fund | #01126990 or Yeutter Student Scholar Award Fund | #01155670)
  3. Mail check to:
    Doug Carr, University of Nebraska Foundation
    1010 Lincoln Mall, Suite 300
    Lincoln, NE 68508.

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