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Research briefs, articles, and working papers by Yeutter Institute faculty chair and fellows.

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Trade Policy Toolkit

A roundup of Yeutter Institute content, the programming catalog is for educators looking for inspiration. Our podcasts and webinars can augment a required reading list, spark discussion in the classroom, or serve as an opportunity to go deeper on an issue.

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Report: US Foreign Policy for the Middle Class

In the comprehensive report, Nebraskans across the state in rural and urban areas alike said international trade is the top U.S. foreign policy area that impacts the state, their communities and their ability to earn a living, with immigration policy a close second. Take a closer look at the perceptions and economic data captured, and what it says about Nebraskans’ views on U.S. foreign policy.

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student projects

Student Projects

Undergraduate trade policy briefing papers, concise primers on new and emerging trade policy issues of relevance to Nebraska and beyond.

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Global Trade and Business Think Tank Blog

Presented by law students at the Nebraska College of Law, blog posts are authored by students and focus on global trade and business current events from both a legal and policy perspective.

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