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Brad Lubben portait

The Yeutter Institute programming is a valuable resource for my policy students to help them understand the real-world issues and stakeholders engaged in the policy concepts and choices we discuss in class. I’ve utilized Yeutter events and resources for lectures, assignments, and extra credit in my introductory ag policy class.

Brad Lubben agricultural economics and policy professor
Uche Jarrett portait

Trade Matters provides a trusted platform that I can refer my students to in order to dig deeper and get a concise, but thorough grounding on particular issues. I have also used this resource to highlight gaps between theory and practice to allow students to better apply what they learn in the classroom.

Uche Jarrett economics professor
Emira Ibrahimpasic portait

In my GLST 484: Capstone in Global Studies I use the Trade Matters episode “A Closer Look: Nebraskans on U.S. Foreign Policy” in the module “Nebraska and the rest of the World.” Students are required to listen to the podcast before coming to class and we then engage in an in-class discussion about the key report takeaways—including what the survey author was surprised about, what we were surprised about and what it tells us about Nebraska and its future.

Emira Ibrahimpasic global studies professor
Payton Flower portait

I have utilized the Yeutter Institute’s podcast and webinars in several classes and appreciated how they gave me a basic understanding of international trade and helped me stay up to date on current trade issues. The content greatly complemented the course curriculum and gave examples of how the principles I learned about in the classroom were being applied in the real world.

Payton Flower agricultural economics student