U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Trade Matters

Episode 7: USMCA: A View from Mexico | December 2, 2019 | 34 minutes

Guest: Kenneth Smith Ramos, Mexico’s lead negotiator for USMCA
Kenneth Smith Ramos explains how Mexico approached the negotiation and walks through one of the major sticking points that has held up the pact’s consideration by the full U.S. House of Representatives: labor provisions and how they would be enforced. He describes a key strategy Mexico employed to build domestic consensus in Mexico around USMCA, which helped lead to the deal’s ratification in the Mexican Senate in June 2019. He also explains why the periodic review built into USMCA is useful not just for policymakers—but for all of us.

Episode 12: U.S.-Canada Trade and What’s Next for the USMCA | March 30, 2020 | 42 minutes

Guest: Carl Pilon, Senior Trade Commissioner at the Consulate General of Canada in Minneapolis
Carl Pilon explains the role of Canadian trade commissioners in the U.S.-Canada trading relationship, the Canadian perspective on next steps before USMCA takes effect, and the potential impact of new COVID-19 related border restrictions on U.S.-Canada trade. He also discusses the top question he gets from Canadian businesses about Nebraska and the region covered by the Minneapolis consulate.

Episode 15: Countdown to USMCA | May 12, 2020 | 46 minutes

Guest: Kellie Meiman Hock, Managing Partner, McLarty Associates
Kellie Meiman Hock walks through the challenges playing out in the run-up to USMCA’s entry into force on July 1, including the deal’s new rules for the auto industry, labor provisions, and U.S.-Mexico differences over how to define what is an “essential business.” She also weighs in on the debate over regionalizing supply chains brought about by COVID-19 and where she sees the greatest potential wins in ongoing U.S.- Brazil trade negotiations.